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Baby Clothes Knitting Patterns

Baby Hats

Acorn Cap

Anna's Angel Hat

Apple A Day Hat

Apple Hat

Aviatrix Baby Helmet

Baby Bear Newborn/Preemie Hat

Baby Bonnet and Dress

Baby Bubbles Hat

Baby Bunny Newborn Hat

Baby Cabled Baby Slouch Hat

Baby Cables Hat

Baby Cap

Baby Cap and Mitts

Baby Confection Hat

Baby Hat & Bootie Set

Baby Hat with a Swirl on Top

Baby Hat with Handle

Baby Jester Hat

Baby Octopus Hat

Baby Pip Hat

Baby Pixie Hat Knitting Pattern

Baby Ripple Bonnet

Baby Rollin' Beret

Baby Seed Cap

Baby Squid Hat

Baby Sun Hat

Baby Sunhat

Baby Tart Hat

Baby Three Point Jester Hat

Baby Toddler Scarf & Hat

Baby Tri-Peak Hat

Baby Who Hat

Baby's Hood

Baby/Kids' Ear Flap Hat

Basic Cuffed Baby Hat

Basic Baby Hat Knitting Pattern

Basic Newborn Hat

Basket Weave Baby Hat

Basket Weave Baby Hat

Beginner's Fair Isle Baby Hat

Berry Baby Toque

Bitty Cabled Hat

Blue Rabbit Hat

Booties, Hats, and Tube Socks

Bow Tie Tube Hats

Broken Rib Hat

Bunny Beanie

Butterfly Baby Hat

Cabled Baby Hat

Cabled Baby Hats

Cabled Baby Hat

Cabled Earflap Hats

Cherry Pie Baby Hat

Chunky Baby Hat Pattern

Circle of Hearts Hat and Socks

Cisco Striped Peruvian Baby Hat

Comfy Cotton Baby Hat

Cotton Bam Boo Baby Cable Hat

Cotton Bam Boo Baby Hat

Court Jester Hat

Cupcake Baby Hat

Cupcake Hat for Baby Knitting Pattern

Curly Snowflake Hat Topper

Doggie Hat

Double Pom-pom Baby Hat

Easy Baby Bear Beanie

East Knit Baby Hat Pattern

Easy Ribbed Baby & Toddler Hats

Elfy Hat

Ellen's Ruffled Hat

Emli Bonnet

Entrelac Baby Hat

Fair Isle Flower Baby Hat

Feather and Fan Baby Bonnet

Flat Topped Baby Hat

Flower Power Hat

Flower Top Baby Beanie

Frog Hat

Garden Patch Hats

Garter Lace Diamond Baby Bonnet

Garter Stitch Baby Bonnet

Garter Stripe Hat

Gezellig Baby Hat

Got Milk? Baby Hat

Green Leaves Imp Hat

Grow-With-Me Baby Hat

Happy Hat

Holes and Squares Baby Hat

Holiday Hats and Socks

Honeycomb Hat and Booties Pattern

Hoppin' Bunny Ears Baby Hat

I Love Triangles Baby Hat

I Love You Hearts Baby Hat

Ian's Chullo

Intarsia Baby Hat

Isolde Newborn Hat

Jingle Bells Baby Hat

Jordan's Tiny Booties and Hat

Just Ducky Hat

Knit One Below (K1B) Baby Hat

Knot the Point Hat and Socks

Kyla's Rose Hat

Lace Baby Beanie

Ladder Stitch Baby Hat

Ladybug Hat for Baby

Left Over Sock Wool Baby Hat

Lil' Bean Pilot Baby Hat

Little I-Cord Hat

Little Monster Baby Hat

Little Rosebud Hat

Little Shell Lace Baby Bonnet

Logan's Baby Hat

Magic Coffee Baby Hat

Melonhead Hat

Miss Dashwood Baby Hat

Mix 'n Match Baby Hat

Munchkin Baby Hat

Newborn Frog Hat

Newborn Puppy Hat

Noah's Ark Hats

Noggin Baby Hat

Nottingham Hat

Options Baby Hat

Papallona Earflap Hat

Paul's Hat

Peas in a Pod Baby Hat

Picot Cap

Picot Knot Cap

Pinwheel Baby Beanie

Pippa's Hat

Pixie Hat

Pom Pom Baby Hat

Popcorn Bonnet

Preemie Hat Patterns

Pretty as a Poppy Hat

Prim Rose Bonnet

Pull On Baby Hat

Pumpkin Hat

Pumpkin Hat

Punkin Hat

Quick Baby Beanie

Red Ruffle Hat

Reversible Baby Hat

Ribbed Baby Hat

Ribbon Baby Bonnet

Ribs and Cables Baby Cap

Ripple Eyelet Baby Hat

Rock Candy Baby Earflap Hat

Rowan Bonnet

Ruched Baby Bonnet

Sams Blanket

Santa Baby Hat

Scoop of Neapolitan Hat

Seed Stitch Brim Baby Hat

Sherrin's Bunny Hat

Shower's in an Hour Baby Hat

Simple Baby Hat

Simple Lace Baby Beanie

Simple Lines Baby Hat

Skater Baby Brim Hat

Sleepy Polar Bear Hat

Slipped Rib Hat

Snowflake Baby Hat

Snowflake Hat

Soft and Thick Baby Hat

Spring Fling Hat

Sprout Baby Hat Pattern

Squiggle Lace Bonnet and Socks

Stella Pixie Hat

Strawberry Baby Cap

Strawberry Baby Hat

String Quartet Baby Hat

Striped Rib Hat

Striped Ripple Baby Hat

Stripey Baby Beret

Sundrop Hat

Supercosy Baby Hat

Sweet Baby Hat

Swirly Hat

Tie-Cord Baby Hat

Tiny Toque

Toasty Topper

Tomato Baby Beanie

Top Down Elongated Stitches Baby Hat

TriceraTops Hat

Tuttie Cutie Fruity Hats

Two Colors Baby Hat

Two Hour Baby Beanie

Two Lace Baby Hats

Two Needle Baby Hat

Two Needle Top Knot Hat

Ups-a-Daisy Hat

Ventilation Hat

Ventilator Bonnet with Flap for Scanning

Watermelon Hat

Whee Hat for Baby

Wrapped in Stitches Baby Hat



Baby Booties and Mittens

Baby Booties

Baby Booties Without Seams

Baby Cap and Mitts

Baby Hat & Bootie Set

Baby Hug Booties

Baby Mittens

Baby Mittens

Baby Mittens

Baby Mocs

Baby Nordic Mitts

Baby Uggs Pattern to Knit

Berry Baby Booties

Best Booties

Beth's Easy Baby Booties

Better Baby Booties

Bluebell Bootees

Bootie/Mitt Set


Booties, Hats, and Tube Socks

Circular Seamless Baby Bootees

Easy Baby Booties

Elfy Booties

Feather and Fan Hat & Bootee Set

Five Hour Matching Booties

Garter Welts Baby Booties

Grandmother Owl's Really Good Booties

Grayson Loafers Booties

Hockey Skates Baby Booties

Honeycomb Hat and Booties Pattern

Hooties Baby Booties

Jordan's Tiny Booties and Hat

Joy's Baby Through Toddler Booties

Knee High Bootees

Margret's Booties

Mary Jane Baby Booties

Mary Jane Baby Booties

Mary Jane Baby Slippers

Minneapolis Mittens


Monster Baby Booties

Newborn to Six Months Baby Booties

No Scratchies Newborn Mitts

Picot Baby Mitts

Picot Edge Two Needle Baby Mittens

Popcorn Booties

Ribbon Baby Booties

Ruby Slippers Booties

Sasquatch Booties

Shaggy Cuffed Baby Booties

Simple Baby Mittens


Sport Weight Baby Booties

Strawberry Booties

Thumbless Baby Mittens

Tiny Mittens

Tulip Toes Booties

Two Needle Cable Baby Booties

Wave of Babies Booties

Wittle Itty Bitty Baby Mitties



Baby Blankets

19th Century Baby Blanket

Acorn Swaddle Sack & Cap

Addictive Baby Blanket

All Roads Lead to Diamonds Blanket

Angel Baby Blanket

Arabesque Baby Blanket

Baby Blanket with Hood

Baby Bunting

Baby Bunting

Baby Cuddle Sack/Cocoon

Baby Love Blanket

Baby Love Blanket Two

Baby Snuggle Wrap

Baby's 1st Blanket

Baby's Car Seat Blanket

Basket Weave Baby Blanket

Basket Weave Baby Blanket and Sweater

Blue Baby Blanket

Boardwalk Afghan

Boo Berries Wave Blanket

Bright Baby Blanket

Bring-It-On Baby Blanket

Brooke Baby Afghan

Cable with Heart Blanket

Cabled Eyelet Baby Blanket

Carnival Afghan

Cascading Colors Baby Blanket

Checkerboard Baby Blanket

Chevron Baby Blanket

Chevron Baby Blanket

Chevron Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern

Chicago Illusion Blanket

Chunky Cotton Baby Blankie

Circle Baby Blanket

Cords and Squares Baby Blanket

Cotton Chenille Baby Blanket

Cotton-Ease Baby Blanket 

Diagonal Baby Blanket

Diamonds and Pearls Baby Blanket

Dishcloth Baby Blanket

Dishcloth Baby Blanket

Easter Baby Blanket

Easy Baby Blanket with Lace Option

Easy Baby Coverlet

Easy Basket-Weave Baby Blanket

Easy Diagonal Garter Stitch Baby Blanket

Easy Eyelets Baby Blanket

Easy Garter Stitch 4 Patch Baby Blanket

Easy Garter Stitch Baby Blanket

Elegantly Simple Baby Blanket Pattern

Evelyn No-Sew Blankie

Exploding Flower Baby Blanket

Feather & Fan Blanky

Feather and Fan Baby Blanket

Flutterby Blanket

Garter Stitch Ruffles Baby Blanket

Garter Stripe Baby Blanket

Gotta Touch It Baby Blanket

Gromits Blankie

Half a Rainbow Baby Blanket

Heart Baby Blanket

Heirloom Baby Blanket

Hexagons Blankie

High Tide Blanket

Hobby Horse Baby Blanket

Honeycomb Stroller Blanket

Hoodie Baby Blanket

Interlocked Hearts Baby Blanket

Lace Baby Afghan

Lace Baby Blanket

Lace Leaf Paneled Baby Blanket

Laurel Love Cocoon

Levi's Baby Blanket

Like a Honeycomb Blanket

Little Bit of Sunshine Blanket

Loop Baby Blanket

Lotus Baby Blanket

Luca Cabled Baby Blanket

Many Mitered Baby Blanket

Meringue Baby Blanket

Mitered Baby Blanket

Mitered Modern Baby Blanket

Moon and Stars Baby Blanket

Newborn Pea-Pod Cozy

Op Art Baby Blanket

Owlie Sleep Sack

Pea Pod Baby Snuggle Sack

Peppermint Stripes Blanket

Picot Knot Sleep Sack

Picot Sleep Sack

Pinkie Blankie

Pinwheel Baby Blanket

Pussy Foot Blanket

Rib Check Baby Blanket

Ripple Baby Afghan

Rowan Blanket

Sacque de Bebe - Baby Sleep Sack

Seth's Baby Blanket

Simple Baby Blanket

Sleep Sack

Sleepy Sheepy Sack

Slip Square Baby Blanket

Sofo Baby Blanket

Sprout Baby Blanket

Spun Sugar Baby Blanket

Stegs Baby Blanket

Stripe Seven Blanket Knitting Pattern

Sunny Baby Blanket

Super Easy and Fluffy Baby Blanket

Ten Stitch Basket Weave Blankie

Tilting at Windmills Baby Blanket

Two Way Striped Baby Blanket

Velvety Newborn Cocoon

Waffled Baby Blanket

Wavy Boxes Baby Blanket

Wild Stripes Baby Blanket

Willow's Child Blanket

Zodiac Baby Sack

Zoology Baby Blanket



Baby Sweaters - Baby Vests - Baby Jackets

Athos - Baby Simple Pullover

Autumn Leaves Baby Sweater

Baby Cabled Cardigan 

Baby Cardigan

Baby Cardigan

Baby Classic Sweater

Baby Coat

Baby Eyelet Cardi

Baby Ferris Cardigan

Baby Gap Sweater

Baby Girl Vest

Baby Girl's Short Sleeved Pullover

Baby Jacket

Baby Kimono

Baby Norgi Sweater

Baby Professor Vest

Baby Raglan Sweater

Baby Ripple Cardigan

Baby Seamless Cardigan

Baby Sophisticate Sweater

Baby Sweater

Baby Sweater

Baby Wrap-Cardigan

Baby's Hooded Windjammer Pullover

Baby's V necked Cardigan

Bauble Baby Sweater

Berries & Cream Baby Sweater

Blended Hues Sweater

Blossom Double Breasted Baby Cardigan

Brite Eyes Sweater

Brobee Hooded Sweater

Bulky Seamless Baby Kimono

Bunny Pocket Baby Sweater

Bunting Baby Sweater Knitting Pattern

Cabled Baby Vest Knitting Pattern

Cecilia Baby Sweater

Chaos Sweater

Checks and Cable Pullover

Chesapeake Baby Ballroom Cardi

Collared Baby Sweater

Concentric Stripes Baby Cardigan

Cool Weather Covering

Cozy Comfort Baby Sweater

Cuddle Up Baby Kimono

Dainty Jacket

Daisy Cardigan

Danny Sweater 

Dog-Eared Sweater

Dolman Cardigan

Double Scoop Sweater

Easy Cables Vest

Easy Garter Stitch Baby Cardigan

Everyday Pullover Sweater

Ewok Sweater

Fancy Stitch Baby Pullover

Felix's Cardigan

First Christmas Pullover Hoodie

Five Hour Baby Sweater

Forget-Me-Not Sacque

Garter Baby Sweater

Garter Ridges Baby Vest

Green Baby Sweater

Green Zebra Baby Sweater

Griffin's Seeded Rib Pullover

Haiku Boxy Cropped Cardigan

Hailey Sweater

Handsome Winter Sweater

Harvest Baby Vest

Holly's Jacket

Hooded Baby Sweater

Hooded Baby Sweater and Pants

Johnny Boy Baby Pullover

Katie Bell Baby Cardi

Katydid Baby Pullover

L'illo Little Boy Sweater

Li'l Tux for Baby

Little Aran Vest

Maile Sweater

March Baby Sweater

May Baby Sweater

Mom's Baby Jacket

Momma's Little Guy Vest

Moppet Swing Coat

Mossy Baby Jacket

Newborn Vest

One Ball Astra Baby Sweater

Parker - Striped Baby Cardigan

Peach Blossom Baby Jacket

Peachy Baby Sweater Knitting Pattern

Pebbly Manly Baby Vest

Peek-a-Boo Hoodie

Peek-A-Boo Sacque

Peruvian Print Baby Sweater

Petite Panache Jacket

Picchu - Baby Surplice Cardigan

Plush Baby Pullover

Pondemonium Fair Isle Pullover

Poonam - Baby Aran Sweater

Presto Chango Baby Sweater

Pretty Baby Sweater

Pretty in Pink Cardigan

Provence Baby Cardigan

Quickie Baby Sweater

Raised Stripe Pullover

Ripple Eyelet Baby Sweater

Scrappy Socky Stripey Baby Jacket

Seamless Baby Kimono Knitting Pattern

Seamless Kimono Baby Sweater

Seamless Neck Down Cardigan

Seed Stitch Hooded Baby Jacket

Sheep Yoke Baby Cardigan

Short Sleeved Eyelet Sweater

Simple Baby Pullover

Sleepytime Wrapper

Speckle Baby Cardigan

Spring Snowflake Cardi

Striped Baby Sweater

Striped Cardigan

Striped Raglan Baby Sweater

Super Chunky Extra Funky Stash Busting Sweater

Super Natural Stripes Baby Cardigan

Surplus Baby Pullover

Sweet Eyelet Baby Sweater

Teddy Bear Cardigan

Top Down Seamless Baby Jerkin

Trellis Baby Sweater

Tulip Yoke Baby Cardigan

Unisex Baby Sweater Vest

Ups-a-Daisy Cardigan

Victoria Jane - Feather & Fan Baby Cardi

Yeti - Cuddly Hooded Baby Pullover


Baby Bibs Knitting Patterns

A Peacock For Tunie Bib

Baby Bib Knitting Pattern

Baby Bricks Bib

Baby Joey Bib

Baby Love Bib

Baby Ripples Bib

Baby Seahorse Bib

Baby Starfish Bib

Basket Weave Bib

Billy the Kid Bib

Boo Baby Bib

Button Knot Bib

Cabled Bib

Cecil Baby Bib

Chill Out! Bib

Cupcake Bib

Do I Smell Cheese? Bib

Easy Stay-On Bib

Feather and Fan Baby Bib

Flutterby Bib

Football Bib

Fred the Croc Bib

Gabey Baby Drool Catcher Bib

Garter Stitch Bib

Gobble! Bib

Gus Puppy Bib

Hay Baby Cow Bib

Heart Flag Bib

Hippity Hop Bib

Hop-A-Long Frog Bib

Imp Bib

Koala Bib

Limeade Bib

Little Tweet Bib

Manly Bib

One Hour Bib

Owlie Bib

Peace Sign Baby Bib

Pig Out! Bib

Polar Bear Bib

Puddles Duck Bib

Pussy Foot Bib

Red, White, and Bib - Flag Bib

Rudy Bib Knitting Pattern

Sailboat and Heart Baby Bibs

Sailboat Baby Bib

Stretch Giraffe Bib

Studley Bib

Ted E. Bear Bib

This Bear's Repeating Bib

Who Loves Ya Baby? Bib

Yucky Bib

Yummy Bib


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