Free Knitting Patterns

Free Knitted Shawl Patterns

Free Shawl Knitting Patterns

Check the links below for shawl knitting patterns. Whether your a beginner or experience knitter find just the right one. Shawls make great gift ideas for holidays, birthdays any occasion. Who wouldn't love a warm winter shawl or a pretty lace fashion shawl to wear? Shawls comes in a variety of styles, colors and stitches and can be made with all types of yarns.


  Adagio Collar Stole

Aeolian Shawl

Alberni Valley Shawl

Allegro Shawl

Amelia Lace Wrap

Anna's Shawl

Annis Lace Shawl

Anthemion Lace Wrap

Aran Tweed Wrap

Aubrey Lace Shawl

Aubrey Shawl

Aunt Phebe's Comfort Shawl

Autumn Shawl Knitting Pattern

Baby's Lacy Shawl

Beauty in Ashes Shawl

Beginner Triangle Shawl

Bev's "Dishcloth" Shawl

Bit of a Frill Shawl

Bitterroot Lace Shawl

Bloom Shawl

Bob & Weave Wrap

Boneyard Shawl

Caireen Cabled Shawl

Candlelight Shawl

Cartouche Shawl

Cheryl's Prayer Shawl Pattern

Cinema Shawl

Citron Shawlette

Claire Lace Shawl

Cold Mountain Shawl

Colonnade Shawl

Comfort Shawl

Comfort Shawl

Contralto Stole with Pockets

Coquille Shawl

Country Club Shawl

Cozy Lace Wrap

Cozy Mohair Wrap

Crescendo Shawl

Denim Shawl

Diamond of my Heart Shawl

Diamond Pattern Shawl

Dishcloth Shawl

Domino Sunset Shawl

Dorothy Day Shawl

Dragon Scales Shawl

Dragon Wing Shawl

Dummy Clap Shawl

Dunes Lace Stole

Duveteux Wrap

Easy Garter Stitch Shawl

Easy Garter Stitch Shawl

Easy Knit Shawl Pattern

Easy Lace Shawl

Ella Shawl

Ella Shawl

Emily's Circular Lace Shawl

Entomology Beaded Lace Shawl

Escape Shawl 

Eve Fluffy Faux Fur Stole

Eye of Partridge Shawl

Fair & Square Lace Shawl

Fairy Leaves Pooling Stole

Fairylike Billows Wrap

Fandango Shawl

Feather and Fan Comfort Shawl

Fleece Artist Lace Shawl

Fleece Lace Shawl

Flowers and Frills Shawls

Flying North Shawl

Forest Ridge Lace Shawlette

Freya Shawl

Frost Diamonds Shawl

Garter Stitch Slip Stitch Border Shawl

Girly Shawl

Gracefully Shawl

Graduated Drop Stitch Shawl

Greek Revival Shawl

Green Stole 

Gweneira Shawl

Harmony Stole

Hex Lace Shawl

High Effect Feather and Fan Shawl

Hills and Valleys Lace Shawl 

Indigenous Shawl

Iris Shawl

Ivy Leaf Shawl

Jeanie Stole

Jerry - Quick Stole

Juno Regina Wrap

Justify Mobius

K4C Lace Shawl Knitting Pattern

Kenetic Stole

Kingsolver Shawl

Lace Triangle Shawl

Lace Wannabe Shawl

Lace Wrap

Lacy Shawl

Laminaria Shawl

Laura Lace Shawl

Lazy Day Lace Shawl 

Leaves and Waves Shawl

Lehmus Lace Shawl


Lilah Lace Shawl

Linear Waves Shawl

Little Leaves Lace Wrap

Long Striped Stole

Maelstrom Shawl

Maja Shawl

Many Points Lace Shawl

Mediterranean Tulle Wrap

Mermaid Shawl

Metron Shawl

Michaela Spectacular Lace Shawl

Minuet Shawl

Mohair Stole

Mohair Tiger Beaded Shawl

Mohana Lace Shaw

Morrighan Shawl

Motley Entrelac Button Shawl

Ms. Clarke Shawl

Muir Shawl

Multicolor Lace Shawl

Multicoloured Shawl

Mystic Forest Shawl

Nob Hill Stole

Noro Sock Yarn Lace Shawl 

Old Shale Shawl

Omelet Half Circle Lace Shawl

Palm Fronds Shawl

Park Avenue Shawl

Peaceful Shawl

Plaza Shawl

Pocket Stole

Polka Dot Stole

Pooling Streams Stole

Pooling Summer Mesh Stole

Premium Mohair Shawl

Pretty Maids Shawl

Prism Shawl

Pythagoras Shawl

Raindrop Shawl

Rectangle Lace Shawl

Rhodion Lace Stole

Road Trip Shawl

Rose Trellis Shawl

Ruffle Wrap

Rusty Nail Shawl

Sagittaria Shawl

Scrap Wrap

Scrappy Prayer Shawl

Sea and Shells Stole

Seascape Wrap 

Seaweed Stole/Scarf

Seaweed Wrap

See The Light Shawl

Shawl Cowl

Shawl in Fizz + Kid Merino

Shell Lace Shawl

Shell Stitch And Eyelets Shawl

Shetland Shawl

Shipwreck Shawl

Shoulder Shawl

Simplest Shawl in Garter Stitch

Simple Yet Effective Shawl

Sjobacka Lace Shawl

Skinny Ruffles Shawlette

Small Garter Stitch Triangular Shawl

Snakes & Ladders Stole

Sonata Shawl

Sophia Wrap

Spanish Dancer Shawl 

Stained Glass Shawl

Star - Openwork Lace Shawl

Storm Cloud Shawlette

Strawberry Pie Shawl 

Summit Shawl

Super Simple, Super Stylish Wrap

Survival Stole

Susan Summer Shawl

Swamp Witch Stole

Tamarah Wrap

Tango - Sleeved Shawl

Tendrils Beaded Lace Stole

Three Corner Shawl

Tie One On Wrap

Tinka Shawl

Torreyana Lace Shawl

Trellis Border Garter Stitch Lace Shawl

Tri-aran-angle Shawl 

Variation on a Frill Stole

Vegan Fox Stole

Verdant Colorwork Stole

Warm Gilet 

Wild Flower Shawl

Zeta Shawl


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